Clare Healy




After spending 4 years convincing my parents that my university education didn’t just teach me to professionally send Snapchat selfies and live tweet awkward run-ins with exes, I took my degree in Social Media Communications and love for all things digital to Ogilvy & Mather and VaynerMedia. With these two agencies that I am forever indebted to, I was given the opportunity to do digital strategy and content creation for some of the biggest brands in the country, from around the country - San Francisco, CA, Chattanooga, TN, and Los Angeles, CA most notably. Beyond that, I was taught that human experience comes first, regardless of your occupation, and that motivation comes easy when you love what you do. 

More recently, I have settled back into Venice, CA where I am leading content strategy and social media buying for System1, a data-driven advertising company. But this is just half my story. 

Every waking moment outside of my office is committed to new experiences. I wholeheartedly believe that one does not need to drop everything in order to see the world. Rather, I believe we can have it all - the hustle, the hometown, the relationships, and the adventure. With this has come an unfaltering obsession with the outdoors and everything that comes with it. The solace of life-altering sunrises, the sweat and dirt of a trail run, and the high fives from friends after crushing a climbing route are what keep me moving day in and day out. 

Most important, I believe human connection drives all. So say hello at


AVAILABLE FOR: Photography, copywriting, or social media gigs worldwide. Also beers, hikes, and high fives. 

PAST CLIENTS & PARTNERS: Google, Starbucks, Maybelline, Bud Light, Levis, Pacific Sunwear, Clarisonic, DuPont, Ruby Tuesday, Aflac, The Outbound, Chacos, The North Face, Vasque, REI, Hydrapak, Fits Socks, Oru Kayaks, First Degree, Nature's Recipe, Milk Bone, Simple, and more.