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social media campaign

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You just internally belted “AAAAFFFLLLAAACCCCC,” didn’t you? That’s okay. We all do it. And despite the worries that our team would be constantly waddling around the office trying to perfect their own quack, we were excited to take on Aflac’s One Day Pay program. Not familiar? If you file a claim by a certain time of day, Aflac will get your money in your pocket within that same 24 hour period. Sounds heroic right? Well, it was clear that customers thought so too. So we pitched and executed a campaign where the Aflac Duck unveiled his alter-ego, Super Duck, whose superpower was rapid claim reimbursement.

This fully came to life through a dual-phase social content segment (the first teasing that the Aflac Duck is Super Duck, and the second revealing that he is Super Duck) and one of Facebook’s first 360° videos. The two main lessons learned? Duck training is a difficult professions and, well, always take advantage of new product offerings to tell your story.

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