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Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero


Arctic Zero was a brand that had done everything right in creating it’s feel-good frozen desserts. But they came across one problem - how to market this product in a frozen aisle flooded with all-natural, reduced-fat, low-cal, gluten-free, no-dairy, vegan options. Enter my multi-tool-like pitch team, who brainstormed multiple routes into increasing word of mouth for an existing first to market, multi-target product, all while competitors were rapidly gaining awareness.

Our move? Hyper-targeted social content that leaned into the white space competitors were not squatting in, and made to sing to the souls of our niche consumer personas - The Struggler, The Balancer, and The Fitness Fanatic.

The end results included lots of quirky videos and eye-catching graphics that lived across Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Oh, and that prized shelf in Target stores, 93% increase in ad recall, 75% increase in brand favorability, and 65% increase in purchase consideration. and a Telly Award.

The Anthem Video | What started as a creative exercise to get into the Arctic Zero mindset quickly became a manifesto the brand jumped behind. As a copywriter, there isn’t much better than a client latching onto your crafted words. Well, unless those words get turned into an anthem video to re-introduce the brand and their mission to the world.

The Social Content | Let’s make mouths water with a message that our audience will eat right up. Serial quote cards will show what our pints of made of - whey different ingredients that empower anyone with a sweet tooth to polish off a pint with zero guilt.

Zero Sweat Videos | In a world of 7-minute workouts and 10-minute abs, we, the pioneers of fit frozen desserts, demand less. The greatest thing about #ZEROSWEAT is how much effort it takes to work off that pint (hint: it’s in the name). Blow drying your hair? It counts. Building your uncomplicated (and by uncomplicated we mean totally-stressful-missing-screws-complicated) Ikea shelf? Yup, that counts. Bursting out into song and using your hairbrush as a mic? That just rules.

As a playful wink to the fitness video space, our “how-to” video series #ZEROSWEAT shows our audience how easy it is to burn off a pint of Arctic Zero, pretty much not doing any sort of workout at all.