Dynamo came to VaynerMedia while planning for its inaugural year as the premier logistics, transportation, and supply chain accelerator. As their partner, we had the opportunity to build their website, create their digital voice, and produce social and digital content for their launch. 

My art partner, Jess Friedowitz, and I dual-handedly led the charge on this ask, helping Dynamo evolve into an innovative brand in the accelerator space. In addition to the below examples, you can see the website live here and social content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I was responsible for writing the copy across all web and social platforms during our partnership. 

For                  Dynamo Accelerator and Fund

Role                Senior Copywriter, concept and execution 

Date               March 2016

Type               Website Build, Digital and Social Content

Team              Jess Friedowitz (Art Director), Desirae Smith (Junior Copywriter), Monica Misiak (Junior Designer)