My motto? Test. Learn. Make sh*t better. One of my favorite things about the social media space is the opportunity to optimize across paid, strategy, and creative - quickly. And one example of this in action was while working for Nature's Recipe, one of Big Heart Pet Brands' dog and cat food brands. 

In early 2014, my paid media partner, Nik Bando, wanted to test out Twitter's newest advertiser product. This product prompted Twitter users to follow the sponsored account and charged the advertiser per follower. After having a fairly successful run with an advertisement built off of Twitter's creative recommendations, we decided to test something different. Instead of including the typical "Follow CTA," we optimized a previously successful piece of content for retweet engagements. In doing so, we achieved unheard of results in terms of cost per engagement and the Twitter platform reached out to my team to create a case study for their advertisers.