When we won the Starbucks Doubleshot business, we were tasked with relaunching their brand on social media, as it had gone dormant. The brand looked to us for their F15 social strategy - relying heavily on our creative capabilities in addition to paid media plans. 

So what did my team create? A fresh social voice for the brand, a recommended look & feel, and 3 strategic content buckets to ensure all content laddered back up to the Doubleshot brand objectives. The results? A noteworthy re-launch, above average metrics on posts across the board, and larger campaign opportunities shortly thereafter. 

Below, you will see our social voice manifesto and taste of our Twitter and Facebook content that went live during my time. 

For                  Pepsi Co. / Starbucks Doubleshot

Role                Senior Copywriter, content strategy and execution 

Date               June 2015

Type               Voice, Content Strategy, Social Content Production

Team              Lauren Fahey (Associate Creative Director), Evan Burton (Junior Copywriter)