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Starbucks Doubleshot

Life hack: Work with a coffee brand and never go tired again. Well, that was just one of the many perks of rebranding and relaunching Starbucks Doubleshot on social media, following an extended dormant phase. When taking on the Doubleshot brand in 2015, my team wanted to ensure their social persona and style would give them a strong foundation to create relevant and unique content for years to come. So we did an exploration of who the ultimate Doubleshot consumer was, then created who Doubleshot was going to be to best serve the audience at hand. Below is a little taste of where we landed in the voice and persona end of things…

From there, my art director partner and I would concept large batches of Twitter and Facebook posts before bringing them to life through photo shoots. Knowing that the consumer wanted a brand that would stay real with them, we stylized the content as if it was coming from a buddy. Below is just a small sampling of posts we produced on behalf of the Doubleshot brand.