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Udderly Smooth


If you work with a brand called ‘Udderly Smooth’ and you don’t use puns in your deliverables, are you even a copywriter? I’ll leave that up to you. But you can bet on the fact that our team jumped at the opportunity to have a little fun with this consumer-loved, mom-and-pop moisturizer brand.

Udderly Smooth tasked us specifically with increasing product sales in Walmart locations via social media efforts. From branding exercises and consumer insights to content production and media buying, everything we did was hyper-targeted to trigger brand recognition and in-store purchase amongst the Walmart consumer-base. The result? Halfway through our media flight, we reached over 2.7mm unique users, and by the end of our campaign, we saw a 23% lift on brand-level sales compared to pre-media period. In the words of my associate copywriter, “How moooooovalous.”